What is DOH? How does DOH work? The main advantage of DOH?

DOH 加密
DNS over HTTPS (DOH) is a technology that encrypts DNS traffic and transmits it through the HTTPS protocol. Traditional DNS queries are in plain text and are vulnerable to security threats such as eavesdropping, tampering and hijacking. DOH can provide higher security and privacy protection by encapsulating DNS queries in HTTPS requests.
DOH works as follows:

Encrypted communication: When a user initiates a DNS query, the operating system or browser will encapsulate the DNS request in an HTTPS request, and then send the request to a DNS server that supports DOH. Based on DOH encrypted communication, it can well solve the hijacking in the DNS passing process, which is also an important matter that we have been continuously researching and advancing.
Analyzing DNS query: The DNS server receiving the HTTPS request will extract the DNS query and analyze it to obtain the corresponding IP address.
Encrypted response: The DNS server encapsulates the resolved IP address in an HTTPS response, and then encrypts and sends it back to the user's device.
DNS response resolution: After the user's device receives the encrypted HTTPS response, it will extract the IP address and complete the DNS resolution process.
The main advantages of DOH include:
Encrypted security: DOH encrypts DNS traffic by using the HTTPS protocol, preventing security threats such as information leakage, tampering, and hijacking in traditional DNS queries. A good solution to DNS hijacking.
Privacy protection: Since DNS queries are encrypted, third parties cannot easily obtain private information such as users' browsing history.
Bypass network filtering: DOH can bypass some network filtering and hijacking, and provide more stable and reliable DNS query service.
Increased speed: DOH can speed up DNS resolution by using technologies such as CDN, thereby improving network connection speed.
However, the DOH has also sparked some controversy, mostly around network management and security. Some network administrators worry that DOH may bypass the network filtering and monitoring of enterprises or institutions, thereby affecting network management. Additionally, some security experts believe DOH could make malware harder to detect by hiding malicious domain names in encrypted HTTPS traffic.

In conclusion, DOH is a technology aimed at improving DNS query security and privacy protection, but network management and security issues still need to be considered in practical applications.

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